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Resolve Chronic Inflammation and Achieve Healthy Ageing by Understanding Non-regenerative Repair


Rolf Ziesche

Professor at the Department of Pulmonary Medicine

Scientific Manager of RESOLVE


  • Clinical studies addressing fibroproliferative pulmonary repair within RESOLVE
  • Clinical studies addressing the impact of innate immunity on chronic bronchial inflammation – independent in vivo and ex vivo studies
  • Ex vivo and clinical studies examining the connection between innate immunity and fibroproliferative repair

The studies aim to unravel the influence of mechanisms of a continuously activated innate immunity response on the process of fibroproliferative repair. Both in vivo and ex vivo approaches are based on a large prospective trial currently performed at the Department of Pulmonary Medicine.

Work Contribution within RESOLVE

  • Concept of RESOLVE
  • Scientific management of the RESOLVE programme
  • Principal investigator of the study on progressive pulmonary fibrosis (Human studies WP 2.5)
  • Contributor to the study addressing primarily inflammatory repair in the lung (Human studies WP 2.3)
  • Development of spin off-studies in close collaboration with the partners

Working Group

Michael Roth, Head Pulmonary Cell Research, Pneumology Department, University of Basle, Switzerland


Medizinische Universität Wien
Department of Medicine II
Department of Pulmonary Medicine
Währinger Gürtel 18-20
1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone +43 1 40400 4776
Fax +43 1 40400 4784
Skype: rolfziesche58